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We are a very unique business since we not only specialize in the design aspect, but we are
also well known for the actual construction of our/your designs.  Chernisky Residential
Designs is separated into two areas: design and construction.  This separation is done so
that our clients have the choice whether or not to have Chernisky Residential Designs
design, construct, or both for their project.  If our client chooses, Chernisky Residential
Designs will see the design all the way through the construction process to the very end.
        Our Design Process:                                             Our Construction Process:        
Preliminary Design: Choices that affect the entire house, with
decisions about style, room sizes, flow, room relationships, location
on the site, budget and finance.  At this stage we define all
requirements in our planning research department to be sure we
can supply you with the right recommendations on sizes, heights,
setbacks, codes, city planning regulations, etc.

Design Development: next decisions are made about interior
elevations, exterior details and finishes, floor plan choices, cabinet
configurations, structural section drawings, and roof plans.  We
provide you with floor plans, and elevations according to your
requirements to make sure you understand and can visualize what
you are building. We produce renderings of your future
home/project; to assure that you will have all the necessary
information to make it through the planning commission,
architectural reviews, etc.

The Permitting Process: You now have your drawings and
somebody should represent your project to Planning and Building.  
We cover all the steps, and do all of the research that should be
done to satisfy local rules and regulations.

Construction Drawings: Finally, your attention is focused on
decisions about final floor plan details, exterior details,
specifications, dimensions, framing plans, roof plans, structural
sections, and finish specifications, until you receive completed

Construction Phase: We begin the process of building your
project if you choose to go through us.
The foundation: is the structure on which the rest of your house is
built.  Whether it is stone, concrete, steel, or wood; a basement, crawl
space, pilings, or slab on grade, needs to be strong, square, and

The framing: is a very exciting part of the construction process.  
When the framing is done on the first floor, you will be able to walk
around in your new home, addition, or remodel.  You will be able to
watch the basic structure take shape very fast.  Your home will
suddenly have walls, a roof, and windows.  This is also the time when
the first on-site changes will probably take place.  Room sizes and
layouts become much easier to see in 3 dimensions.  Even the best
designs frequently finds something that did not turn out quite the way
it was envisioned on paper which is why starting with Chernisky
Residential Designs for the design and having it constructed with us if
very beneficial.

Installations: members of our team will be installing the inner
workings of your house.  Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, lighting
security systems, entertainment systems, exhaust fans, phone lines,
fireplaces, and anything else wanted by the clients.
Interior Finishes: it is time to finish the walls, install the doors and trim,
hang the cabinets, put down the hardwood flooring, install ceramic
tile, and cover everything.  After the paint, the next things to be
installed are the light fixtures, counter tops, appliances, plumbing
fixtures, mirrors, shower doors, door knobs, towel bars, and toilet
paper holders.

Exterior Finishes: while work is progressing inside, there is much to
be done outside as well.  Keep in mind that almost all of the exterior
finishes need to be designed and installed to keep out the elements
and protect the main structure for as long as possible.  The exterior
finishes might be any combination of brick, stone, stucco, vinyl,
aluminum, concrete, or wood.  

Clean up: Home is cleaned and made “move in” ready.