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Professional member:
American Institute of
Building Design.

The personal and trusting
relationship we strive to
have with our clients.

You are involved, and
updated in the process.

We stay current on building
codes and handicapped
accessibility regulations.

We provide full computer
aided design and drafting

We work with each client on
an individual basis and
develop our business by
customer referrals and
recommendations.  We gain
these referrals by providing
quality work at a fair price.

You can also rest assured
knowing that your design
will be unique and
individualized according to
your taste and budget.  
When we design an addition
for your home, it is the
intention of Chernisky
Residential Designs to
create an addition that
compliments your home and
not just “look like an
Why use Chernisky
Residential Designs:

Founder, Mark R. Chernisky, has an extensive background in residential construction,
architectural studies, and a passion for design.  Mark knows the importance of design as
it relates to livability and marketability.  He has the knowledge and expertise needed for
the formulation of unique designs and the construction of his drawings.  Mark and his
team go to great lengths to transform their customers lifestyle needs into a comfortable
home.  His house plans offer big house features in affordable homes to fit your budget.  

Every job in our company is important, and you will play a key role in the continued
growth of our company.  Please check out our Design Process for a better idea of our
design development process, as well as the Construction Process, About Us, Portfolio,
and Testimonial Pages for more information about Chernisky Residential Designs.

Please feel free to take a look at our work and we know you will agree that the quality
of work by Chernisky Residential Designs is second to none.